Annette's Barn

Annete had a disused barn which she was hoping to turn into a small guest house. It had to be comfortable for people to enjoy a short stay - with a bathroom and kitchenette - while remaining flexible for any needs that may come up.

The proposed design was to hide all the equipment into a narrow L-shape against the wall, turning it into an architectural swiss-army knife - full of functionality which is hidden away most of the time.

The space can then turn into a generous double bedroom, just as easily as it can become an enormous dining space, or a cosy sitting room. There is even a staircase hidden in the wall, which leads to a mezzanine for children to hide away.

The sleek blue utilities sit in contrast in the space, against the bare, untreated plywood, and raw polished concrete. The highlighted colours hint at the hidden truth - a clue for someone to touch, push and pull, and find a drawer, a bed, a staircase, or the shower room.