Ollie's extension

Ollie is a chef looking to extend his living room and kitchen. He wanted to unify the spaces, give him enough room to work in, and be able to entertain guests while chopping courgettes. Thus, the first move was to expand the living area, and rearrange the bathroom position to direct people into the middle of the space.

In addition, and tied to Ollie's ethos of clean and sustainable food - a small planter is embedded into the floor, as if it were an extension of the kitchen modules. By bringing a small piece of the outside into his kitchen, Ollie can grow herbs and vegetables as close to his chopping board as possible.

This space, with its soft connection to the outside, is then connected to a conservatory, which itself opens up to the garden, creating a gradiented flow towards the outside, with little obstacle.

On top of that, the wet room features a triangular, brightly-coloured shower, as a surprising highlight at the heart of the flat. Since the room has no natural light of its own, the space is lit by LED panels which take up the whole ceiling, for uniform, natural light.